Master Plan for Major Development Site in Tbilisi – Railway territory development PM

  • Funded by EBRD and Georgian Railway LLC.
The main objective of the Project was production of a Masterplan for a major development site at the heart of Tbilisi, Georgia. The Masterplan was being commissioned by Georgian Railway LLC (hereon Georgian Railway). Whilst the Masterplan was focused specifically at a single development site owned by Georgian Railway, it was for a site so significant in terms of its scale and strategic location that it would also help to shape the future development of the City. The Masterplan needed to be consistent with strategic directions for the overall development strategy for Tbilisi as established by the Municipality and Georgian Government. 
It was the joint objective of Georgian Railway, the Municipality of Tbilisi, the EBRD and EU/NIF that the development opportunity would be one of the most significant changes within the City of Tbilisi in the coming 10 years. The Masterplan had to be carried out to the very best international standards as an exemplar of sustainable urban development, commercial success and investment value.

There were key strategic objectives to be achieved:

 Completed masterplan that had been subject to wide consultation, that providing the basis for detailed development planning, phasing and infrastructure investment and that had been adopted as part of the Municipalities urban and strategic planning proposals.
 Phased strategy of land release that could balance the need to generate early capital receipts with the need to build a long term sustainable and transformational urban development vision. That had to be based on investment, sales, disposal and procurement with a clear way forward for Georgian Railways and all stakeholders.
Project key outputs:

 Stage 1: A market study
 Stage 2: A Masterplan, that includes:
 A design vision
 A technical review
 An infrastructure plan
 An urban design strategy
 An environmental and social impact appraisal
 A consultation programme
 A financial appraisal and model
 Securing planning approvals Stage

3: A sales and disposal strategy, including advice on partner procurement and assistance in marketing.