Modernization of Georgian Railway (Feasibility Study and Preliminary design) JSC “Georgian Railway”

  • Project: Georgian Railway Modernization Feasibility Study and Preliminary Design
    Funding Agency: Georgian Railway
    Project Partners: SYSTRA
Georgia is a transit country ideally located on the route between the Caspian Sea and the Georgian ports of Poti and Batumi on the Black Sea. The whole electrified double line crossing the country from East to West is mainly dedicated for the transportation of the mineral-rich and other hydro-carbonic. The freight trafficʼs revenues are the source of positive cash surplus for GR. However, due to several speed restrictions and the lack of significant investment during a long period of time, the passenger trains journeys between Tbilisi and Batumi (345 km) approach 8h duration.
Considering the situation, the mains objectives of GR were defined as follow, in case of conflict between the objectives, priority would be given to the freight traffic.
- Increasing the freight offer
- Improvement of the travelling time from Tbilisi to Batumi (target: 3 h:20 mn)
- Increasing the line capacity
Detail of the objectives in term of operation and capacities are given by the TOR and the Consultant will comply with. The Modernization Study is aimed at identifying the elements for the modernization of “Georgian Railway” LLC including railway infrastructure of the main line.

key objectives of the GR modernization study are to make technical and economical feasibility recommendations for the following (listed in the order of priority for the company):

a) Freight and passenger traffic optimization.
b) Stations, depots, and infrastructure optimization.
c) Freight and passenger rolling stock optimization.
d) Reduction of operational expenses (according to the GR managementʼs assumption, the companyʼs assets and operational expenses may be reduced up to 40%).
e) Improvement of operational safety and reduction of operational risks.
f) Increase in freight carrying capacity up to 60 million tons per year (including the costbenefit analysis for 40 million tons per year).
g) Increasing the speed of trains to the maximum permissible for a new track (according to the GR managementʼs assumption, the transportation time from Tbilisi to Makhinjauri can be reduced to 3 hours if the maximum permissible speed is restored and measures are taken to eliminate temporary and permanent speed restrictions).

5. The purposes of this contract are as follows:
• Provide the best technical-economic and financial solutions to achieve the objectives enumerated above;
• Define, arrange and estimate the cost for the execution of works and supplies for the modernization of the “Georgian Railway” LLC main railway line;
• Initial Design composition for modernization based upon the version proposed by the feasibility study;
• Prepare construction tendering documents and assist GR with carrying out construction tendering procedures under FIDIC rules.