Sustainable Urban Transport Development Strategy

  • ADB, Municipal Development Fund of Georgia
The Government of Georgia has received a loan from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to finance the Sustainable Urban Transport Investment Program – Project 1. Part of the loan proceeds will finance the City Twinning program and Institutional Strengthening project.
The Executive Agency for the project is the Municipal Development Fund of Georgia (MDF). Coordination and approval of Tbilisi City Municipality will be requested for all strategic aspects of the project. 
The purpose of the project is to share experience and knowledge from recent best practice and demonstration projects and to receive recommendations on sustainable urban transport development based on best international practice.
 During the Project, in the Phase 2, the Consultant will organize the workshop (2, 5 days) in Tbilisi. City representatives as well as international experts will be invited to take part in the event. Find in appendix, agenda for this workshop.
The study began in Tbilisi. The first mission took place from September 07th to September 13th, 2014 with Jean-Manuel GIELY, project manager and Asmat ABESADZE and Giorgi GIGAURI, Local Experts in charge of the Urban Plan.
This first week was devoted to meetings with all parties concerned in Twinning Project- various Services and Departments of City Hall, City Assembly, Public Transport Operator Company – Tbilisi Transport Company.

A kick off Meeting was organized on September 08th at 11.00 with the representatives of MDF/ADB and the Municipality to present the initial scope of work and note the evolutions of the scope, required by the Municipality and ADB.
During this Kick off Meeting, MDF/ADB and the Municipality specified certain objectives:
  • Mid-October 2014. Identification of key issues and focus of the new SUT strategy
  • Mid-October 2014. Submission by the consultant of the final program for the study tour based on early consultation with all stakeholders and study tour participants. The proposal shall include draft cost estimates for MDF endorsement.
  • First half of November 2014. International study tour.
  • Second half of November 2014. Preparation of program for the Tbilisi SUT workshop, including identification of focus themes, and facilitators, key speakers, and resource persons.
  • First half of December 2014. Tbilisi SUT workshop.
  • January 2015. First draft strategy paper including key orientation and action plan.
  • March 2015. Final SUT strategy paper for Tbilisi.