Master Plan and Design Expertise of “Anaklia Sea Port” MP

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Anaklia Sea Port project is concerning the construction of a new deep sea port infrastructure on the west coast of Georgia.  Due to its geographic location, Georgia is an important transit country for traffic from:
  1. the eastern CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries via the Caspian Sea;
  2. directly from mineral rich Azerbaijan;
  3. to a lesser degree, from the south originating from Turkey and Iran;
  4. directly from and to Armenia.
East – west traffic is mostly handled through ferry links crossing the Black Sea via the ports of Batumi, Kulevi and Poti.  However, current port infrastructure at these ports is reported as underperforming with regards to deep water access for vessels, operational structure and equipment in the ports and hinterland connections via road and rail to transport the freight further.  In view of the above reasons the Anaklia Sea Port is planned.
Project phasing:

ILF Consulting Engineers has been contracted by Lazika Port LLC to deliver the port design for the Anaklia Sea Port and to assist them in the procurement process.  The following project development phases have been defined:
  • Phase I includes the preparation of a Master Plan of the sea port, environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) and the initial design of the railway connection to the sea port site.  The Master Plan also incorporates the future phases of the sea port expansion.  It has been noted that some of the works belonging to Phase II (i.e. geological study on part of the port land) was already done under Phase I;
  • Phase II comprises the initial design for the sea port facilities comprising at least two quay / piers and all corresponding infrastructure;
  • Phase III refers to the assistance in procurement process.  It is stated to conduct the construction activities under the FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Design – Build Yellow Book), First Edition 1999.
Phase I: Master Plan of the sea port has been delivered so far by ILF Consulting Engineers.  Once this Port Master Plan is approved, the subsequent phases may be undertaken.
1. Review of Port Master Plan
2. Reviewing consultant and position of Royal HaskoningDHV

Spectrum Consulting (the Reviewing Consultant) has been contracted by the Lazika Port LLC to perform a review of the Port Master Plan as delivered under Phase I of the project.  Royal HaskoningDHV has been invited by Spectrum Consulting as a sub-contractor for this review to provide expertise in the fields of port planning and coastal engineering.
Scope of services for review by Royal Haskoning DHV: 

The scope of work of for Royal HaskoningDHV [RHDHV] included review / expertise of the master plan of the sea port as prepared by ILF Consulting Engineers under Phase I.
More specifically, RHDHV has provided coastal engineering and port planning expertise including the following elements:
1.       Master Plan including future phases of port expansion;
2.       Port development plan;
3.       Logistics – limited to processes within the port;
4.       Swell analyses and analyses of coastal morphology;
5.       Hydrology analyses;
6.       Technical equipment;
7.       Maps, drawings, figures, tables, etc. to illustrate technical solutions;
8.       Cost estimates of the project and investments to be made – only related to the port;
9.       Cost estimates of the future expansions – only related to the port;
10.   Assurance of compliance with the Terms of Reference, i.e. has ILF Consulting Engineers done the Port Master Plan in full accordance with the Terms of Reference that are given in contract;

SPECTRUM Consulting performed expertise of rail and road access designs and plans.