Design Expertise of HPP “Nenskra” detailed design Project

  •  Partnership Fund
JSC “Nenskra” (Nenskra), a subsidiary of JSC Partnership Fund planned to construct Nenskra Hydro Power Plant.
Nenskra  engaged  Hidro Dizayn  Müh.  Müş. İnş.  Ve Tic.  AŞ in order to  prepare Geological Investigations and Detailed Design of Tunnels (incl. surge tank), based on Initial Design elaborated by the Joint Venture of Stucky Ltd and Stucky Caucasus Ltd.
Nenskra  was  looking  for  an  experienced  Expert,  to  review  the  Geological Investigations and Tunnels Detailed Design.
The Nenksra HPP is a high head 210 MW hydropower project on the Nenskra River in the Svaneti District of NW Georgia. The project is capable of providing a total / firm energy generation of 1194/927 GWh/y, 241 GWh of guaranteed full supply in the three winter  months  and  is  also  designed  to  maximize  export  benefits  in  the  summer months.
The main project components comprised  Asphalt Core Rock Fill Dam of 135m high on the upper Nenskra creating a live storage of about 182 mln. m3. This was augmented with the Nakra discharges through a 4.5 m dia.  free flow tunnel of 12. 4 km. The power waterway comprised a circular lined headrace tunnel of 15.1 km long, 4.5 m dia. and pressure shaft totaling 1580m. The surface powerhouse was located on the left side of the river and houses 3x70MW pelton units.

The  Consultants  services  shall  be  include,  but  shall  not  be  Limited,  to  expertise  of following aspects of the Geological Survey and Detailed Design of Tunnels:
- Review and Expertise the Design prepared;
- Review Geological Study and Tunnels Detailed Design submissions to ensure suitability   for   construction   purposes   and   suitability   for   procurement following  ‘Open’  tendering  procedures.  The  Expert  shall  be  expected  to review all components of designs executed by designers and including, inter alia:  design  briefs,  investigations,  feasibilities,  calculations,  sketches, drawings, specifications, construction technologies, bill of quantities, programmers of works, cost estimates and in addition any other documents that might be required under Georgian Law in this respect;
- Check the Consistency of the Geological Investigation and Detailed Design;
- Ensuring,   to   the   extent   practicable   and   reasonable,   that   the   technical specifications reflect details of every aspect of the Works to be constructed, provide a specification of the material to be used and the standard of workmanship to be achieved;
- Assurance of compliance with standards and norms acceptable by Georgian
- Assurance of compliance with Terms of Reference;
- Expertize of the design in accordance with decree of Ministry of Economic Development of Georgia N 1-1/823 (dated 24 August 2006) and decree of Government of Georgia N 57 (dated March 2009);
- Assurance of compliance with Georgian legislation;
- Assurance that the design is acceptable to the standard at which construction permit with Georgian legislation can be obtained;
- Compliance  of  geological  study  to  the  level  of  final  design  using  the  best practice described in ICOLD Bulletins;
- Assurance the design is sufficient enough to receive competitive bidding on the construction tender announced with FIDIC Yellow Book conditions of contracts; Such assurance must consider the amount of risk the contractor might be expected to and therefore the price of the risk bidders will include in the proposal for lump-sum contract, were no price adjustment formulas or tools will be included;
- Reviewing   construction   cost   estimates   provided   by   the   designers   and recommending any reasonable design changes that could be made to reduce project expenditures and to eliminate any unnecessary increases in construction cost. The objective of all designs and technical solutions shall be to achieve optimum whole-life cost;
- Detailed   review   and   amendment   (if   necessary)   of   the   cost   estimates, Preparation of the new cost estimates might also be required and is part of the scope of works.